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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half year have pass... So many thing happend this month.

June 2009 is coming to and end today.... Tomorrow will begin a new month.... Half year have pass... Many thing happen last 6 month...

January... Celebrate Chinese New Year this year without mom. Mom when back to be with the Lord last year on 2nd day of Chinese New Year. It feel difference.

February... Busy finish up my FYP..

March... Exam month....

April... FYP presentation.

May... Start working...

June.. Busy with working....

July... ??????

Have been leaving my blog so silence this whole month.. Din really have anything to update other then been busy with work...

What interesting happen in June?

1) More Work to do
2) Cass leaving Penang to study at Gopeng...
3) My sister birthday
4) YA Conference at PCC
5) Get my self a new toy
6) Planing something big for July or August.
7) Update my iPhone firmware to 3.0.....

1) At my work need me to travel alot around Penang, start work at 9am and finish at 6pm. After that i will be very tired...

2) Ya Cass is leaving Penang! From reading her blog, you will know she leaving soon. Around last month as we all was practicing for worship she suddenly pop up on the stage to talk with Lionel. Before she could open her mouth Daniel Chan and me already know what she going to say.. hehe... Anyway Good Luck and Take care in Gopeng. The Piono seat will always welcome you back... hehe

3) my sister birthday... 1st of June is my sister Birthday.. I brought cake from SR for her... When she came back from work, I saw on her hand a box of SR cake from her co-work. She got to eat 3-4 cake in 1 day.

4) YA Conference at PCC.. This event was attended by 50 pax from PCC and other chuches. Is a 2 day event. The guest speaker is from US Ps. Jason.

5) I got my self a new toy... I won't tell what it is.. I let u all see the pic 1st. will continue on it on next post..

6) I planning something big for myself.. Still praying to God on this. Will tell you all when all this is finalise

7) I updated my iPhone firmware to 3.0 already. Everything ok and i like it. No plan to jail break it at the moment.

That all for now.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy with work!!!

It has very long I didn't update my blog... Been busy with work, church stuff and my own stuff...

It has been 1 month i started working and I getting along with it. I started to miss the college days.. everyday need to wake up at 7am to get ready to work at 8am. Although my working time are very flexible but still in the end of the day still feel very tired. Got my salary already. Although it not much but I very happy with this job.

That all for now.......