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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Is hard when you need to make a decision on 2 of the thing you like. It harder that the decision I made last year when I take a 4 month break from worship team.

This time is even harder as I need to make a decision  whether to stay with worship team or join the tribe. It hard to leave the worship team when you already have a strong relationship. Still I cannot forget the team that I been with for 3 years. That the best 3 years I will never forget. The relationship with all the team member and the understanding we have is priceless.... I still hope we can get together and play again.

Made this decision last year to go back into worship team. Give myself a year to find back the feel and passion with the worship team. There a time when it really hard to get the feel back. Been praying hard  but the feel and passion is not there. It become like  a routine for me. Just go and play and back home. I need something more that this.


The decision have been made.... I will take a break from the worship team and focus fully on TRIBE.... This decision is hard but I know I will not regret that I made this decision. I give myself 1 to 2 year on TRIBE and will see where GOD will lead me after this.

Friday, September 28, 2012


John 6:65 NIV

He went on to say, "This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them."

By Jeffrey Borselli
Only The Father can Draw people to salvation... This was for a long time the hardest concept for me to understand, that why can't someone say I believe in Jesus and be saved.... Well the truth is many will say Lord Lord we prophesied in your name... And Jesus will say depart from Me you who do Lawlessness... I never knew you!!!! So trying to save people in our own strength when they are not ready is like trying to push over a strong rooted tree... They truly deep down are just not ready to give up their selfishness like us all at one point in our lives...
And give the wheel to Jesus!:)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guitar Collection

This is my latest collection of all my electric guitar!!!

From left to right
1) Japan Fender Telecaster
2) Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
3) Ibanez JS1200 Joe Satriani Signature Series
4) ESP Edwards EC-Y-130D Kirt Hammett Prototype

Friday, September 21, 2012


During the Raya Holiday, with my dad, sister and cousin we went for heritage + wall painting trail. We start our journey from Butterworth with bicycle to the Island. (more on this next post)

During the journey back on BORR, suddenly I heard loud breaking sound from behind. Within few second the car hit me from behind. The next thing I know, I was landing on top of the car and fall down on the road.

When to talk with the driver and the driver say she din't saw me. When her dad came, he ask how to settle. We say we want to go for a medical check up. Straight away he say we are too much. Why must I go for medical check up. How can you hit me and you say cannot go for medical check up? Nothing we can do about it at that time as the father don't have the intention to settle the case.

I go to make a report and let the  police handle the case. After a week I went to see the inspector to know what is the result of the investigation. The inspector told me there is no case. What!!!!! no case? He say I cannot ride bicycle on Highway. She hit me and I have nothing wrong so I need to settle this thing personally and the police will not handle. Where got such thing........ I try to call the girl that hit me but the phone she give to me it not her no.... I totally cannot contact her.

In the end I need to repair the bicycle myself. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Congratulation Datuk Lee Chong Wei

I would like to congratulate Datuk Lee for winning Silver medal for Malaysia in London Olympic 2012. All the nation of Malaysia are waiting for Datuk Lee to win Malaysia 1st gold medal in Olympic game. Although he again lose to his no 1 namesis Lin Dan, compare to Beijing Olympic this time Datuk Lee really play his best game. Still luck is not on his side this time.

He open the match very well by winning the 1st set. He come into the match with high hope to win the gold medal. He forcing Lin Dan to make error. On the 2nd set, he lose his momentum and making too much error. The left side of the court wind drifting seem to be bordering both player as both player can't play their normal shot in. He lose the 2nd set. In the rubber game, again he try to play is normal game and try to control the speed of the game. It was a tough game for both player as they can't be separated by point. The set go until 19-17. He only needed 2 point to win the gold medal. Lin Dan even the point at 19 all with mistake from Datuk Lee. Lindan win the 3rd set 21-19 with an out ball at the back of the court.

The hope of winning gold medal dash...... It can be seen on his face he is really sad. It like the whole world come down on him. Both Rahsid and Tey Siew Bok try to consoled him on the lose. On the medal ceremony can be seen that Datuk Lee cried as this is his last Olympic and he again be the bridesmaid to Lin Dan. 

The hope on the nation to hear for the 1st time NegaraKu played in Olympic gone.

Although he lose to Lin Dan but the whole nation is very happy to see he put all his effort on this final match. Coming back from ankle injury and only train full time for 2 weeks before Olympic and make in to the final match by having to take pain killer in all the 5 match is something to be proud about. He tweeted on his twitter "I'm Sorry"... There no need to say sorry... You have done your best and we Malaysian are very proud of you and you are our Malaysian Hero!!!

With the conclude of badminton event in Olympic, it time for Datuk Lee to have a good rest... Use this time to think about your future. You want to retire from badminton on your highest point of your career or to continue play for the nation.

Again I would like to congratulate Datuk Lee Chong Wei on this effort in winning Silver medal in London Olympic 2012.

P.S: Hope to see you at your Badminton center in BM one day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fender Japan Telecaster

Been waiting for this piece for very long time.... Waiting for the perfect piece to appear.... I seen alot on the market, shop, and web store.

One day as I was browsing web store I found this piece on sales....

One of this 3 attract my attention... 

Call up my local guitar shop and ask if can get it for me..... He reply yes and give me a good price which I cannot refuse... Without seeing the actual unit itself, I place my order... It arrive within 3 days.

Let me introduce to you..............................................


When I first saw it, it was in perfect condition just like new... This guitar is a used unit (Showroom Condition). All hardware no rush, no dent on the body and the next is good.


 Body and pickup....

Bridge and Hardware

I have change the bridge pickup to a noiseless pickup Area T by Dimarzio. The sound is perfect and going to test it out in church this weekend..... 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lovelife紀錄片 完整版

This is a documentary about three 15 year old girls, and their brave journey in life. All three of these girls were diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, but instead of waiting to die, they chose to use their story to inspire others. We took 3 1/2 years to document the story of Dora, Yi-Hwa and Chia-Wen, hopefully after you watch it, not only will you appreciate your life more, but you will realize that you also have the power to help others. Please help us forward this documentary to others, so that more people can receive this gift from God.

Love Life 4 ever