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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pedal Riser....

Having a flat pedalboard are good as u can have more space to put all the pedal in but there are 1 disadvantage.

The second row is very have to engage. U need to use your toe to engage the effect.

So I was thinking about a way to solve this problem.

Here come the StageTrix Pedal Riser.

It have a very good design. It can rise the pedal by 1" and can route the cable nicely under the riser.


The cost is very high. Each unit cost US$12. I cannot find it in Malaysia or Singapore. The Shipping cost also very high.

So I made the decision to custom made it in Penang. The 3D drawing is out and send for quotation.

At the mean time I found something at home that can be use as a pedal riser. Some old calender paper/pen plastic case. I will post up the process when I have it done..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Guitar is Better than Woman?

  • You can play your Guitar any time of the month.
  • Guitars don’t have parents.
  • Guitars don’t whine… unless you want them to.
  • You can share your Guitar with your friends.
  • Guitars don’t care how many other Guitars you've played
  • Guitars don’t care how many other Guitars you have.
  • Guitars don’t care if you look at other Guitars.
  • Guitars don’t care if you buy Guitar magazines.
  • You’ll never hear, “Surprise, you are going to proud father of a new Guitar” unless you go out to buy one yourself.
  • If your Guitar is flat you can fix it (well… that can be “fixed” on a woman too).
  • Your Guitar doesn’t care if you never listen to it.
  • Your Guitar won’t care if you leave up the toilet seat.
  • You don’t have to be jealous of the guy who works on your Guitar.
  • If you say bad things to your Guitar, you don’t have to apologize before you play it again.
  • You can play your Guitar as long as you want and it won’t get sore.
  • You can stop playing your Guitar as soon as you want and it won’t get frustrated.
  • Your parents won’t remain in touch with your old Guitar after you dump it.
  • Guitars don’t get headaches.
  • Guitars don’t insult you if you’re a bad player.
  • Your Guitar never wants a night out with the other Guitars.
  • Guitars don’t care if you’re late.
  • You don’t have to take a shower before you play your Guitar.
  • If your Guitar doesn't look good you can refinish it or get new parts.
  • You can play your Guitar the first time you meet it, without having to take it to dinner, see a movie, or meet its mother.
  • The only protection you have to wear when playing your Guitar is a decent pick.
  • When in mixed company, you can talk about what a great time you had the last time you played your Guitar.
  • You can mute your Guitar and it won’t complain.
  • Your Guitar won’t mind if you bend its G-string.