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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Is hard when you need to make a decision on 2 of the thing you like. It harder that the decision I made last year when I take a 4 month break from worship team.

This time is even harder as I need to make a decision  whether to stay with worship team or join the tribe. It hard to leave the worship team when you already have a strong relationship. Still I cannot forget the team that I been with for 3 years. That the best 3 years I will never forget. The relationship with all the team member and the understanding we have is priceless.... I still hope we can get together and play again.

Made this decision last year to go back into worship team. Give myself a year to find back the feel and passion with the worship team. There a time when it really hard to get the feel back. Been praying hard  but the feel and passion is not there. It become like  a routine for me. Just go and play and back home. I need something more that this.


The decision have been made.... I will take a break from the worship team and focus fully on TRIBE.... This decision is hard but I know I will not regret that I made this decision. I give myself 1 to 2 year on TRIBE and will see where GOD will lead me after this.