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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Penang Christian Centre 3 Services

PCC have goes through 2 weekend of 3 services. I was serving on the 1st weekend together with team 1. Everything run smoothly other then we need to look around for drummer. Our drummer have family emergency and need to go outstation.

I keep sending sms and make call to look for people to play drum. I got the good news on Thursday evening before we team 1 practice for the weekend.

The practice run smoothly on Thursday night. We goes through all the song and very happy with the arrangement.

Saturday team 1 all should be at Shammah hall at 3pm but some of the member came late. We only start the Saturday practice at 4pm. As we already practice all the song on Thursday, Saturday is just for us to goes through again all the arrangement and for the backup singer to get their voice warm up and get use to the song.

The 1st service start at 530pm sharp. There are alot of people joining the 530pm service. The service goes smoothly and it end exactly at 7pm. We have our dinner at 7pm just before the 2nd service start at 8pm.

We were expecting not alot of people attending the 8pm service since there are alot of people during the 1st service. It prove wrong!!! It almost full house...

Sunday service make no difference as I can see all the same faces that attend the Sunday morning service.

Serving for 3 services make really big difference. We need to adjust our time as we need to be at Church early. I really did enjoy the whole weekend.

p/s: Pray for the nation of Japan as there facing hard time now after the earthquake and Tsunami on Friday.