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Monday, August 6, 2012

Congratulation Datuk Lee Chong Wei

I would like to congratulate Datuk Lee for winning Silver medal for Malaysia in London Olympic 2012. All the nation of Malaysia are waiting for Datuk Lee to win Malaysia 1st gold medal in Olympic game. Although he again lose to his no 1 namesis Lin Dan, compare to Beijing Olympic this time Datuk Lee really play his best game. Still luck is not on his side this time.

He open the match very well by winning the 1st set. He come into the match with high hope to win the gold medal. He forcing Lin Dan to make error. On the 2nd set, he lose his momentum and making too much error. The left side of the court wind drifting seem to be bordering both player as both player can't play their normal shot in. He lose the 2nd set. In the rubber game, again he try to play is normal game and try to control the speed of the game. It was a tough game for both player as they can't be separated by point. The set go until 19-17. He only needed 2 point to win the gold medal. Lin Dan even the point at 19 all with mistake from Datuk Lee. Lindan win the 3rd set 21-19 with an out ball at the back of the court.

The hope of winning gold medal dash...... It can be seen on his face he is really sad. It like the whole world come down on him. Both Rahsid and Tey Siew Bok try to consoled him on the lose. On the medal ceremony can be seen that Datuk Lee cried as this is his last Olympic and he again be the bridesmaid to Lin Dan. 

The hope on the nation to hear for the 1st time NegaraKu played in Olympic gone.

Although he lose to Lin Dan but the whole nation is very happy to see he put all his effort on this final match. Coming back from ankle injury and only train full time for 2 weeks before Olympic and make in to the final match by having to take pain killer in all the 5 match is something to be proud about. He tweeted on his twitter "I'm Sorry"... There no need to say sorry... You have done your best and we Malaysian are very proud of you and you are our Malaysian Hero!!!

With the conclude of badminton event in Olympic, it time for Datuk Lee to have a good rest... Use this time to think about your future. You want to retire from badminton on your highest point of your career or to continue play for the nation.

Again I would like to congratulate Datuk Lee Chong Wei on this effort in winning Silver medal in London Olympic 2012.

P.S: Hope to see you at your Badminton center in BM one day.