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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of 2011.... Here come 2012

The year 2011 went through so fast. It seem like I just finish my CNY holiday and 2012 CNY is coming soon....

What have I done in 2011?

2011 started with me changing to a new job. Left my previous job because it seem I learn nothing from it.... This new job have been very good... I learn something that I really want to learn and I'm still learning....

Taking a break from the worship team.... After serving in the worship team for 3 years, I come to a stage where I need some rest.... So I take a 4 month break from the worship team to seek God for his plan for me for 2012.... I will be going back to the worship team in Jan 2012..

This year I din't get any new guitar.... There few time I nearly got myself a new guitar but the fire die down... Still I get myself few new effect pedals.. Currently I very happy with all the effect I have..... There should not be any new buying of effect for the next 6 month at least.... For 2012 I still would like to own a Tele.... A Japanese Fender or Fender American Deluxe will be good...... Hope I can collect all the guitar model. Currently I have Strat, Super Strat and Strat X Super Strat.... Missing from the collection is Tele, Les Paul, and Semi-hollow/Hollow....

What I going to do on 2012?

Still thinking..... For sure will continue to work hard and earn money. Already send the forecast  for 2012 to my boss... Hope I can achieve my forecast.

Continue to serve in the worship team and continue to grow with the Lord. Will be starting to serve in the worship team early then expected. Will be playing 3 years in a row for Watchnite. I will be serving for the weekend service too.... So I will be playing on the last day of the year and 1st day of the year.