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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gretsch and Duesenburg

Since last month 2 guitar really get my attention on them. That is

1) Gretsch G6128T

The Spec can be seen here Gretsch

2) Duesenburg Starplayer TV

The Spec can be seen here Duesenburg

Friday, January 28, 2011

CNY coming!!! Traffic Jam!!!

Christmas just pass now CNY already. I din really fell the mood of CNY other then the Stu**d traffic jam at Raja Uda.

As I was going home from church last Saturday, feeling hungry. I was thinking to have tomyam mee. As I was about to turn into Jalan Raja Uda, I can see alot of car lining up. I was talking to myselft, it won't take long to clear the traffic. Waited for 5 minute...... I think not more then 5 meter like that only. Then I make illegal U-turn and take the other road back. That road also Jam... I end up eat at mamak stall... after that It took me 15 minute to reach home!!!

Hope CNY will have lot of pic to share with u all

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 new year Resolution

SO fast we already move in to 2011... I still haven done a lot of this that I suppose to do in 2010.
So for 2011 there a 'FEW' thing that need to be done.

1) Spend more time with GOD!!
- Spend more time reading the BIBLE

2) Keep myself 'FIT'!!!!!
- It time for me to take care of my health!
- Eat more healthy (max 1 meal of FAST FOOD/ month ONLY)

3) Improve my GUITAR SKILL!!!
- It time to learn new thing. (Mr. L! Help me on this!!!)

4) SAVE more $$$$!!!
- Try to spend less $$$
- Don't buy unnecessary STUFF!!!

- Work harder to hit more TARGET!!!

6) Update this BLOG regularly!
- I will try to update this BLOG at least once a week.

So Happy New Year to all my love one and to all my friend.
Chinese New Year is less then a month away. Looking forward to it.