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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Been accused and Backstab

Yesterday heard a news from a friend that he been accused of something that he have not done.

It not just something small but something that put his reputation on state.

According him, someone tell in front of alot of people in a meeting that he saw my friend doing something "not good" (I will not review it here) in Church.

The church leader meet up with my friend and ask him about it. My friend say he don't do it. The church tell my friend to step down from the ministry he serve in so that he will not stumble other people.

My friend was very mad at this that he and his wife have a counseling session with the church leader. Nothing have come out from there.

Currently my friend have make the decision to step down from the ministry as he feel that he been accused and back stab by someone. Should the church leader investigate this matter and not just make assumption that the backstabber is correct and did not listen to my friend.

I been friend with him from 3-4 years already. I never seen him doing the "not good" thing.

I feel very sad that I will be missing one of my good partner in the ministry.

"My Friend, take this time to rest and I will wait for you to come back to the ministry and together ww serve the Lord."

Take Care My Friend!!