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Friday, September 21, 2012


During the Raya Holiday, with my dad, sister and cousin we went for heritage + wall painting trail. We start our journey from Butterworth with bicycle to the Island. (more on this next post)

During the journey back on BORR, suddenly I heard loud breaking sound from behind. Within few second the car hit me from behind. The next thing I know, I was landing on top of the car and fall down on the road.

When to talk with the driver and the driver say she din't saw me. When her dad came, he ask how to settle. We say we want to go for a medical check up. Straight away he say we are too much. Why must I go for medical check up. How can you hit me and you say cannot go for medical check up? Nothing we can do about it at that time as the father don't have the intention to settle the case.

I go to make a report and let the  police handle the case. After a week I went to see the inspector to know what is the result of the investigation. The inspector told me there is no case. What!!!!! no case? He say I cannot ride bicycle on Highway. She hit me and I have nothing wrong so I need to settle this thing personally and the police will not handle. Where got such thing........ I try to call the girl that hit me but the phone she give to me it not her no.... I totally cannot contact her.

In the end I need to repair the bicycle myself. 


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